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Covid Cancellation Policy

One of the questions we get asked the most at the moment is; ‘What happens if my travel plans are effected by COVID lockdowns?’.

The answer is simple. Our standard refund policy is extremely flexible and under normal conditions cancellations can occur within 72 hours anyway.

COVID has proven it knows how to throw a spanner in the works though so if WA is locked down or travel restrictions are put in place within that 72 hour period we can offer a full credit for use at another time. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind starts well before the tour and we will work with you all the way to ensure your experience is memorable from start to finish.

Full details can be found here

Award-winning snorkelling experience


At 3 Islands our goal is to provide the highest levels of customer service and to give you the most opportunity we can to swim with whale sharks. After all, that is why you are here.

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Discover the Best Snorkelling Spots in Exmouth
16 March 2023

Discover the Best Snorkelling Spots in Exmouth: A Guide for Adventure Seekers

Are you looking for the ultimate snorkelling adventure? Look no further than Exmouth, Western Australia! Home to the Ningaloo Reef, which boasts over 300 coral species and 500 species of fish, Exmouth is a haven for snorkelers of all levels.

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Things to do with kids in Exmouth
24 February 2023

Things to do with kids in Exmouth

If you’re trying to find the perfect destination for a family holiday between March and September, Exmouth in Western Australia is the perfect place to be.

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When is the whale shark season in Exmouth
24 January 2023

When is the whale shark season in Exmouth?

Whale sharks are the largest shark in the ocean. They are often coined as ‘gentle giants’ as they feed on plankton and are one of the most docile species of fish.

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Where can you see dugongs in Australia
09 January 2023

Where can you see dugongs in Australia?

If you want to spot dugongs, Australia is the perfect place to visit! Dugongs prefer to graze in warm waters both north and south of the equator making Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland their most desired destinations.

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What to wear on a whale watching tour
15 November 2022

What to Wear on a Whale Watching Tour?

In the excitement of booking and getting ready for your whale watching tour you don’t want to forget your essential items! Here is a list of what to wear on a whale watching tour and the most important things you need to remember to pack before the big day.

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Get those marshmallows ready - here are the top camping spots in Exmouth
11 October 2022

Here Are the Top Camping Spots in Exmouth

Are you stumped on where to camp in Exmouth? There are some great options that will allow you to relax and have the best holiday possible.

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Can a whale swallow a human
20 September 2022

Can a Whale Swallow a Human?

Swimming with whales can be a little intimidating if you’ve never experienced it before. The sheer size of whales can make even the most confident people feel a little apprehensive, especially growing up with tales of fishermen being swallowed by whales.

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the ultimate guide to your perth to exmouth road trip
29 August 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Your Perth to Exmouth Road Trip

Taking a road trip is one of the best ways to see Western Australia and all of its beauty. The drive from Perth to Exmouth is full of incredible stops and this ultimate guide is a great way to make sure you make the most of this trip.

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Long weekend in Exmouth
15 July 2022

Long Weekend in Exmouth? Here’s the Perfect Itinerary!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to snorkel, dive, swim in pristine waters, relax and swim with whale sharks in Western Australia, why not spend your long weekend in Exmouth!

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