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Our Boats & Plane

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our boats

Welcome aboard our vessels, Draw Card and Seafari. These boats will be your home while you float across the crystal clear waters of the Ningaloo, taking in the stunning views and incredible wildlife.

At 55ft, our boats are large, comfortable, and have huge, unobstructed shaded decks that will allow you to kick back and enjoy the ride. When it’s time to swim, you’ll be able to get in and out of the water with ease, with our marlin boards fitted with diving ladders on both sides for easy access, no matter the conditions.

Be sure to take advantage of the bow access, the perfect platform to spot marine life as we cruise the lagoon and outer reef. You’ll also find a toilet on board, with shower facilities should you need to rinse off after all the fun saltwater activities.

These beautiful vessels were designed with the west coast in mind. Easily tackling the weather and swells on and around the Ningaloo, Draw Card and Seafari cut through these open waters with ease, all while keeping you safe and secure on deck.

Our boats comply with national survey standards for commercial vessels and have all of the safety equipment you need, so you can feel safe on the water. Combined with detailed safety briefings from your friendly crew, your day on board can be enjoyed knowing you are taken care of.

When you’re in the water, our Naiads are never far away. Known affectionately as Nigel and Neville, these boys are always nearby to ensure you’re safe while swimming. Whether it’s an emergency, your mask is leaking, you need a taxi, or just someone to have a chat to, pop your hand up and one of our safety tenders and experienced crew members will be with you instantly.

Powered by economical and fuel-efficient four-stroke motors, they also allow us to still meet our very high eco-friendly standards.

eyes in the sky

Our plane

Sometimes our whale shark friends can be a little tricky to find - and when that’s the case, our friends at Ningaloo Aviation have got us covered. They’ve been flying over the Ningaloo Reef for a long time, and their expertise is what helps us get up close and personal to the spectacular whale sharks and humpbacks.

This partnership is kind of a match made in heaven. Ningaloo Aviation’s plane serves as our eyes in the sky, while also allowing us to get a little bit further from the crowds for a day much more tailored to you. With their wealth of resources and years of expertise, this group of fixed-wing pilots are dedicated to giving our passengers the absolute best experience.