Did you know ?

One of only three filter feeding sharks in the world, whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are fish which obtain oxygen through their gills

Our Plane

We utilise the professional services of Ningaloo Aviation to find the  whale sharks for our guests to swim with. Having our own plane means we can work away from the crowds most of the time and tailor our day to suit our guests.

By using a supplier like Ningaloo Aviation we also have access to more resources on the tougher days. This partnership really does give us the best opportunity to find the start attraction and give our passengers the best experience possible.  

The team at Ningaloo Aviation are the most experienced group of fixed wing pilots on the Ningaloo. Owner Tiffany and her pilots are locals in the air here and all have flown multiple seasons here on the reef servicing the local tourism industry.

All are fully qualified commercial pilots with up to date training and a passion for flying.

Ningaloo Aviation was established as a company in 2014. Chief Pilot and Owner Tiffany has been flying here since 2011 and has amassed over 5000 hours in the region making her local knowledge second to none.

With a fleet of small aircraft and an excellent reputation and abilty to find wildlife from the air the pilots at Ningaloo Aviation really do provide an invaluable service complimenting our tour and ensuring our guests have a great day.

They are also available for scenic flights which are another must do while you are here. Follow the link below to find out more. www.ningalooaviation.com.au

Ningaloo Reef