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Did you know ?

Whale sharks have thousands of tiny teeth, each less than 6mm,arranged in more than 300 rows but they feed by taking water into their mouths and straining the food through their gills. They can open their mouths to a huge width.

Our Plane

This is "Narla". She is a Foxbat A22LS that was purchased in early 2014 specifically for the job of spotting Whale Sharks.

Her name is the aboriginal word for, Lookout. One of our Facebook friends named her in a competition.


Our senior pilot Tiff flies her most days. With over 2500 flying hours and in her eighth season spotting sharks, Tiff is the most experienced whale shark spotter pilot over the reef. Her experience and passion for being out there combined with the qualities of this aircraft make our job on the boats that much easier.

Leesa and Rod, AUS

Fantastic, easily the best service from staff we have experienced in WA – Well done guys. Thanks.
The Foxbat is just one more commitment of 3 Islands to ensure we run our tours to the highest standard both for our customers and the environment. Using up to 30% less fuel than other aircraft doing the same job and using unleaded fuels rather than leaded aviation fuels ensures that we are reducing our impact on the environment while getting the job done in an efficient manner.

Using our own aircraft allows us the freedom to run our tours to no other timetable but our own and our customers. The experience is yours to have so there are no set times that we have to be anywhere and the freedom our skippers have by being in direct contact with our own pilot allows the day to unfold without any pressure or rush.

The plane is just another part of the crew and we are all there to help find the sharks and other marine life to ensure you have the maximum opportunity to swim alongside the biggest fish in the sea as many times as you can.

All part of the magical three islands experience

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Freecall: 1800 138 501

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