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Covid Cancellation Policy

One of the questions we get asked the most at the moment is; ‘What happens if my travel plans are effected by COVID lockdowns?’.

The answer is simple. Our standard refund policy is extremely flexible and under normal conditions cancellations can occur within 72 hours anyway.

COVID has proven it knows how to throw a spanner in the works though so if WA is locked down or travel restrictions are put in place within that 72 hour period we can offer a full credit for use at another time. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind starts well before the tour and we will work with you all the way to ensure your experience is memorable from start to finish.

Full details can be found here

Whale Shark Tours up and running again

24 September 2020

We are beyond thrilled to still be seeing whale sharks here on the Best Whale Shark Tour Ningaloo Reef!

Technically outside of their normal season, from March to July, there have been lots of Whale Shark sightings over the last few weeks!

Our Ningaloo Whale Shark Tours is a full day snorkel tour on the stunning reef which aims for whale shark and manta ray swimming if the plane locates one.

Our Ningaloo Eco Tour is available until mid-October 2020. With only a few weeks left, this could be your last chance to swim with the biggest fish in the sea for 2020!

Our whale shark tour are all inclusive; transfers, meals & refreshments, snorkelling equipment, photos and as always, our first class crew.

At $295 for a snorkelling adult, you won't find a tour cheaper than ours with all our added inclusions, it is great value for money!

For more information on our Ningaloo Eco Tour, feel free to contact the friendly office staff on or 08 9949 1994